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About Us

Hello there? Welcome to GetSweet HJ

I'm a simply ordinary girl who is living in South Korea.
I started to make some jewelry just for fun, Since I traveled Vietnam last year. .
Some inspiration came to me from there suddenly!! SO from last winter until now on...
I started making things my own jewelry .
I pay careful attention to guarantee that every piece of my designed  jewelry is the highest quality and craftsmanship, no one can copy.
Although I like to have a style of my own, my hope is that everyone might find a piece of my handmade jewelry that catches their eye.
Last winter, I launched successfully in ETSY site, 
I decided to open my own online shop to easily communicate with my valued customers.
I am always in search of good quality materials for my customers.
This site is dedicated it bring you affordable yet wonderful and unique jewelry pieces with excellent customer satisfaction.
And If there is a piece that interests you, I am happy to size or change it to meet your specific needs.
Most of the products are made in plated silver, but there are products with pure sterling silver also, witch is specifically indicated on product. But please don't worry! Plating skills in Korea are the world best,
 I hope you enjoy my jewelry and I hope it puts a smile on your face!
Thank you for visiting, do contact me with any queries. Much Love , 사랑해요!!